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Known solution for OnePlus

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Tue, 8 Sep, 2020 at 11:41 AM

Being a sportsman and aOnePlus phone owner at the same time is not always easy. Did you ever experience a situation where your route wasn’t saved or the Activy app shut down during an activity?

Unfortunately, the problem lies not within the Activy app, but within the system of OnePlus phones. BGDetect, a part of the system, turns off all processes and apps working in the background if they use up too much battery.

Even famous sport’s apps, such as Strava or Endomondo, with tens of millions of users, can’t protect their users from predatory OnePlus devices. Here, you can look through the solutions suggested by specialists working at dontkillmyapp -> ;)

Solution 1 - changing phone settings

First, change the battery optimization settings, same way as you normally do when dealing with other phone brands.

  1. Go to settings and click on „Battery”
  2. Click on the action buttion, in the top right corner, and choose „Battery optimization”
  3. On the battery optimization screen, change your setting for „All Applications” and find „Activy”. Click on the app icon and select „Don’t optimize”

In most cases, this series of steps should help. However, with OnePlus phones, we’ve been getting complaints that after a few hours or days, the phone automatically changes back to the old optimization settings.

That is why, we’ll present you with a few additional solutions that might help.

Solution 2 - use an app lock

  1. Turn on Activy and start an activity
  2. Go to the main screen of your phone by holding down the central button
  3. Click on the right button, which will allow you to see the apps working in the background
  4. Scroll to Activy, do not click on it, so that it doesn’t jump back to the first screen. If you do it by accident, repeat the above-mentioned steps
  5. On the Activy icon you’ll see a smaller lock icon. Click on it and lock the app
  6. From now on the operating system shouldn’t shut down the app and will allow it to work in the background

Solution 3 - turn off deep optimization

If above-mentioned solutions do not work, there is one more advanced solution left. It’s important to remember that going through with that solution, might lead to a much shorter performance time of your phone. However, it will allow the app to remain alongside the non-optimized apps.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimization. Choose the three dots in the top right corner. Find Activy. After holding down the icon choose „Advanced optimization”. On the „Advanced optimization” screen untick „Deep optimization” and confirm your choice.

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