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Processing rides

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Thu, 15 Jul, 2021 at 4:57 PM

When you end a ride and approve it by clicking on the „Save” icon, a green screen with trivia will show up and an image of a girl pedaling on a bike. If you go back to the main screen (newsfeed), you’ll see a blue bar, at the top, saying „We’re saving your ride”.

Usually, when using sport’s apps, processing the activity takes up to a few seconds. So how come, when using Activy, it can take from a few seconds, up to even a few minutes? If you’re using Endomondo or Strava, the only thing that needs processing is data collected during your activity. It doesn’t require internet. First, the data is collected by GPS, then stored in the app and shown to the user.

Activy is a game, which apart from the standard statistics (for example, kilometres, time, speed), counts the collected points, badges, bonuses, as well as placing the user in different rankings. It also examines, whether the ride wasn’t done with another form of transport (frauds). After the standard procedure of collecting data from the GPS and saving the route, Activy sends the data to its server, which processes it, counts the points and sends the information back to the app. For this whole process to work, you’ll need a good connection to the internet, and when dealing with longer rides, some patience.

Activy is not only an app tracking your activity, but it’s also an interactive game and an activity journal. So it needs a little more time, to properly fulfil its function.

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