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Most common issues with GPS

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Tue, 8 Sep, 2020 at 11:36 AM

When registering your routes with GPS, you can encounter three types of issues:

  • unrecorded segments of the route, which results in overall shorter route
  • unrecorded activities
  • low accuracy of the recorded activities

It’s important to remember, this is not the app’s fault. In all of the cases mentioned above, your phone stops sending accurate GPS samples, to the app. The app, either doesn’t receive them at all, or receives an insufficient amount of samples to build the route.

It’s worth finding out, how to save our effort from being unrecorded.

1. Turn on „High accuracy locating method”

Make sure to turn on the high accuracy locating method, in the location or privacy settings. It’s essential :)

2. Avoid recording routes when using the battery saving mode

When in battery saving mode, your phone will automatically limit the possibility of downloading accurate GPS samples or will turn it off completely.

3. Permit the app to utilize the power and work in the background

In the case of some phone producers (for example, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC) it’s necessary to open battery settings, or app settings, and give Activy the broadest permission for background activity and utilizing power. Similar operations are necessary when dealing with other sport’s apps.

4. Make sure before starting your activity, that the GPS has activated properly

It’s worth remembering, before starting your activity, to give the GPS module time (even up to 1 minute) in the open space. This will allow the GPS to calibrate and receive signal properly. 

Unfortunately, when dealing with older phones, GPS modules can easily lose signal and usually struggle to get it back. It’s always worth checking the signal.

5. Make receiving signal easier

Remember to keep your phone somewhere, where it can receive location data easily. Avoid keeping your phone at the bottom of your backpack or bike pannier.

However, you can’t always affect the signal - a dense urban area or a forrest, cloudy sky or even periods of more intense magnetic storms can also affect the signal to a great extent. Oh well, us cyclists always have to struggle with the weather ;)

6. Restart your phone or GPS, update your operating system

If issues with the devices persists, a standard phone restart or turning off and on the GPS, GSM signal and Wi-Fi, might suffice.

It may occur that your GPS signal will deteriorate after updating the operating system. Usually, that’s the case with iOS updates. It’s worth to look for solutions on the producer’s website or internet forums.

If nothing is helping, try finding information about frequently encountered problems with the GPS of your phone brand or model. It may occur, that the solutions are rather peculiar. Worst case scenario, a damaged or faulty GPS module might be the source of your issues.

However, if your route has been recorded for some time, and only disappeared at the end, when the Activy app shut down - the issue lies not with the GPS, but with the phone settings. This is often the case with certain Huawei and XIAOMI phones. Take a look at articles, where we suggest best solutions for managing your phone settings.

Sometimes, the problems will occur if you’re using few different route recording apps, at the same time. The operating system might shut down one of those apps.

We hope you’ll enjoy your amazing (and recorded) activities!

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