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Change battery saving settings

Created by: Activy Pomoc

Modified on: Thu, 25 Jul, 2019 at 1:18 PM

It is one of the most common reasons for cutting the route short, the app shutting down during an activity or not even recording the activity at all.

In order to prevent such issues, turn off the battery saving setting, the battery management system, battery optimization and all external apps that aim to optimize the battery use.

Each and every phone has different options and default settings, that is why ways of dealing with this issue differ, depending on the phone brand. When those settings (optimization) are active, they might lead to shutting down Activy or an unrecorded activity. That is why, we highly recommend to turn off the optimization settings for Activy.

Samsung (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Apps -> Choose the three dots (the icon in the top right corner) -> Special Access -> Optimize battery usage -> Find Activy on the list and make sure it’s selected

Huawei (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Apps -> Advanced -> Ignore optimization -> Find Activy on the list and select „Allow”

HTC (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Power -> Battery optimization -> Choose „Activy” -> Select „Don’t optimize” -> Done

MIUI (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Additional Settings -> Battery & performance -> Manage apps’ battery usage -> Choose   „Apps” and select „Activy”.

Additionally, go to „Settings” -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Location. Check if you’re allowing your apps to access your location and whether you’re currently using „High Accuracy” for Location Mode.

Set up your phone in such a way, so that your apps can utilize the GPS signal in the background.

Sony (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Battery -> Choose „(…)” menu from the top right corner and click on the „Battery optimization” -> Choose „Apps” -> Choose „Activy”

LG (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Battery & power saving -> Choose „Battery usage” -> Ignore optimizations -> Turn on ignoring battery optimization for Activy

OnePlus devices

Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimization -> switch to the „All apps list” -> Choose Activy and select „Don’t optimize”

Motorola (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Battery -> click on the menu in the top right corner -> Battery optimization -> select „Not optimized” and choose „All Apps” -> find Activy on the list and select „Don’t optimize”

XIAOMI (Android 6 or higher)

Settings -> Additional settings -> Battery -> Manage battery usage -> Apps -> Activy -> No restrictions

Other devices

There are numerous smaller brands on the market, that use Android as well, so the settings may vary depending on the phone type. If your device is not on our list, try looking for similar settings to the ones mentioned above. Give it a try, when fixing the issues with faulty route tracking or Activy app shutting down.

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